Yes, I decided to try AGAIN with a personal 365 day photography project.  This project entails taking at least one picture a day and posting the original or edited version,  I'm hoping to improve my photography and forcing myself to be creative or just GET OUT AND DO SOMETHING PRODUCTIVE!! 
I really wasn't ready to start today, as my website still needs some tweaks and I have tons of images to upload to sell, but I was browsing the internet a saw that this month was National Diary Month, so what better time to start a photo diary!! 
My Day 1 photo was taken with my compact Canon Power Shot A495 (I won in a Viewbug Contest..see below) today of the beautiful clouds ( I love cloud formations, so get used to seeing them!).  I edited it with a weathered texture to show exactly how unprepared I am for this!  My eyesight has been failing me lately and I need to find ways to enjoy this art again.  I don't have the best cameras.  My Canon Rebel is very OLD.  I'm hoping to later get a better one, but for now, I have to be satisfied, as we don't have much money to spend on frivolous things these days.  I do have a  Lensbaby lens (Muse) and attachments that I enjoy playing with, but some people may think the image are to noisy and blurry, which is what I like about them.  To me they look "artistic". 
Feel free to comment and critique.  I am learning as I go and adjusting to my ails.  Thanks for stopping by...Luvs, Carla

Taken with my Canon Powershot Compact A495, clouds edited with weathered texture.
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